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Emig Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Our Story

Our story is one of amazing coincidence and a belief that all things are possible if you believe that dreams can come true despite the obstacles we may encounter in life. Drawn by a love of history, and historic homes from the civil war era, we found the Emig Mansion. My wife, Lori, and I are the new owners and managing partners of the Emig Mansion a Historic Bed and Breakfast. When we met several years ago we visited a number of great B and Bs for weekend adventures and quickly feel in love with the idea of someday owning one ourselves. Our honest goal was to live in Gettysburg, Pa., home of The Gettysburg National Military Park. My journey to this dream began a little over 50 years ago when as a child I went with my father to deliver some of the first cattle to the Eisenhower Farm. I was intrigued by the monuments and the stories my father told me. Later my great grandfather told me how my great-great-grandfather had been in the battle of Gettysburg and showed me a cavalry sword that he had brought home from the war.

It was the nights spent in some great Gettysburg B and Bs and their wonderful Innkeepers that motivated me to pursue this dream. For this reason, I would like to thank the people and places that Inspired this journey. Tessa and Brian from the Brickhouse Inn, Linda Attia at The Inn At Lincoln Square, and my greatest admiration and thanks to Jack and Maria owners of the Cashtown Inn. You all changed my life and lit a fire in my soul. It was in Gettysburg also that we discovered a home known as the Swope Mansion. We couldn’t stop thinking about this amazing property and although we were not able to own this amazing property we were blessed to be married there in 2013. Lori, seeing my disappointment of missing the opportunity to own what is now The Swope Manor Inn, said, "Bill, someday we will find our Swope Mansion.” As crazy as it may sound it was at that moment that something changed in us. We adopted an attitude that it was our destiny to own a historic home, and we started buying furniture and other items for a house that at this point didn’t exist. We went shopping one day each weekend for things that would belong in our historic home, whenever and where ever it was. Life has taught me that for your dreams to come true you have to live in expectation and be thankful for things that are on the way even when they are unseen at the moment. Studying B and B websites one day I came across The Emig Mansion by a mere stroke of … Well, destiny!! A few months later we moved in and began to uncover the history that the bricks and mortar have held here since 1810 when the house was first built. Our history page will reveal just a smidgeon of the history we’ve discovered.

It is with the most sincere thanks that we express our feelings to Shary and Wade, the previous owners/Innkeepers for helping us make this experience a reality. And to our amazing realtor Sherri Strathmeyer for helping us on this journey. We are looking forward to many years of sharing the rich history of the Emig Mansion with our guest from around the world, and neighbors here in York County and the surrounding areas of southern Pennsylvania.

We hope our website inspires you to join us on your next trip through the area. And if you’re planning an event, you’ll find our home a great place for your party, shower, business meeting, rehearsal dinner, or even your wedding.

And a parting thought; as we have explored the history of the Emig Family, the soldiers of the civil war who fought here, and the famous citizens from the past that lived in this areas, we can only imagine that they never had a clue that their lives would be recorded in history for all future generations to admire. History was made at the Emig Mansion, and our hope is that You along with the special people in your life will make YOUR History at the Emig Mansion.

Bill and Lori Fitzell
 Emig Mansion Innkeepers

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